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Ready for Lift Off
Discover The Dormant Seeds That Will Enable You To Sense Life as you have never thought possible. Tune into your energy and source of creativity. Sense what you need to create a life connected to your truth & what brings you vitality.

Ready for a New Balancing Act

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed? Perhaps you have FOMO, fear of missing out. You feel pressure to accomplish more and have more, even though in reality that over stretches your time, your money, your relationships or your health?

Or, you know events in your past are keeping you stuck and you do not know how to clear unresolved challenges.

Do you sense you limit yourself from creating the life you want and having the impact you want on the world?

Have you noticed some of your peers compromise their dreams or give up on what is possible? But you keep on trying to create the best life you. Have you tried to…

  • get better at prioritising
  • get a better job
  • connect with people with similar goals
  • take care of yourself
  • help others
  • control your emotions
  • become focussed
  • practise mindfulness

Yet, you still feel like you are chasing your tail, or going around on a merry go round and can not get off?

Sound familiar?

I want you to know we keep on going around on a merry go round because we keep living life by old models that have limited our potential.

There are ways for you to sense your fulfilment, energy and influence without having to do more

The reason you may feel burdened is because you’ve been influenced by the prevailing centuries-old ways of thinking that have taken us so far, AND, also suppressed your sensory and intuitive capacities. To go further we need to explore new dimensions of our whole self, playfully and with curiosity.

The story you’ve been told your whole life about being seperate from the world, controlling others, your emotions, or thinking you need to be controlled by others, thinking with reason & logic to the detriment of your senses, are based on old assumptions about how we create our world.

Many of those assumptions are simply not true and result in much stress and anxiety in life.

There is a limitless supply of power, energy and joy that is available to you—you only need to know how to access it.

Over 40-years of my career I’ve discovered that no matter your income level, age, current life-situation, or your past, you can access more freedom to be fulfilled and create your life with ease and purpose.

I’ve discovered there are Capacities in our multiple intelligences, our more than 12 senses, and our inter-connections with each other and the natural world that allow us to become more fully alive.

When you awaken these latent SEEDS within yourself, and learn how to sustain your energy throughout your day, your experience of the world will immediately become profoundly more vivid, exciting and fulfilling in every way.

From that moment forward, you will…

  • Have more clarity about exactly what to do and which direction to go
  • Be able to accomplish what is life giving and not experience the levels of overwhelm you do now
  • Begin to take simple steps that make a profound difference to your life
  • Be able to tap into deeper sources of energy and experience a profound sense of wellbeing
  • No longer feel isolated, and be able to make a greater difference in the lives of those around you and in the world

I discovered the incredible difference these capacities made to my life and the people who came to me for guidance and I want you to discover how to create your life with new ease and freedom.

I have overcome difficult situations in both my personal and professional life. I have had the courage to create some amazing adventures AND care for people I love.

I will show you how you, too, can live a life
of fulfilment and ease that you never knew was possible

Over the past few years, I’ve worked to develop guides to share with others to re-awaken and expand our multiple capacities through our senses, of which thinking is one. Consider our 5 senses like primary colours and we have as many senses perhaps as hues in a rainbow. All to be discovered to gain new sense sights.

With the publication of my book, "Trust Your Senses - Embodied Wisdom for the Modern Age" I am now passionate about sharing these capacities with others who "have tried many mainstream methods" which have taken them so far, but not necessarily cleared the slate and been able to create life with richness, freedom and ease.

I’m hoping you’ll decide to be one of the committed individuals who are truly prepared to discover these capacities and sense how to discover and create in daily life with ease and grace.

And once you begin to PLAY with these latent capacities, the limitations you believed you had will dissolve with ease.

You’ll be able to sense which of the things you’ve always wished for you really want and discover how to tale one step at a time to sense what you need right now…and right now and right now.

This "creative” life is possible for you from the beginning of the program.

So if you know you want to live the life you sense you could create, all you need to do is allow me to guide you how to open up to what you have right under your nose. This is something you can create right now, and right now, not sometime in the distant future.

If you are here because something has resonated, TRUST YOUR SENSES and come on a playful adventure of new discovery with me.

Deb Lange


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What people say:

Hi @Deb🐝 Lange, I find myself doing this most mornings... about fifteen minutes before I get out of bed I focus on my breathing, as well as the feel of the sheets on my body. I just listen to my senses waking to the day. I seem to get out of bed more refreshed, more alert and ready to take the day. Each time I do this I am more practiced and better at listening to my senses. The reason I thought of this is because I did it this morning and I've had a great day . I am thankful for Deb's work."

- Graham Edwards, Marketing Consultant, Canada

"Here is the most interesting fact about Deb Lange's work, it is helping me so much, that I want to spend all my available time playing, and walking, and sensing the world around me. It is the exact guide that you need to help you help yourself through a period of immense transition. I have used her work like a recipe book. I try out the recipes and then adapt them to my life. I have learnt to exform emotion that was stuck and find what brings me joy. Many of these things are simple things to do in daily life but they create immense pleasure and joy. At the same time, I have uncovered

This is truly a MUST EXPERIENCE approach to access the full impact of learning about embodied wisdom. Deb Lange is a marvellous guide through the rites of passage that will allow us to operate with a full body intelligence

Thank you, Deb. You have provided me with amazing tools that will be helpful to me going forward in all areas in my life, that are making all the difference in accomplishing my goals—now I have the confidence and support I needed.”

—Deb Helfrich, Coach & Author, United States

"Deb's exercises are simple, easy, and fun to do—but the effect is tremendously big!

I used to be depressed, stressed, and was NEVER relaxed as an adult. It has always been difficult for me to form intimate relationships because I was always afraid to get rejected. And I feared rejection because I didn’t feel good enough. I was highly insecure, I have a low self-esteem.

Deb taught me to open up my senses, understand myself better and trace the rootcause of my present situation. I discovered I get lonely and depressed because I am NEVER myself with people. I always try to please people, without regard for what I truly want. I was never honest about who I really am.. I learned I am like this because I was bullied a lot in school a lot. Therefore I am afraid to make a fool of myself. I got so self-absorbed.

But through the coaching, I learned step by step not to live in my head and finally notice life itself. To open up and be myself with people. And it actually worked.

I regret that I spent 30 years cocooned in fear, anxiety, and depression. But I am happy I can finally say that I feel MORE free, happier, and I feel weightless. Sure, I still encounter challengers from time to time, but putting into practice the wisdom I’ve learned I am now wiser and more forgiving of myself. Deb's work has made a BIG difference in my life. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this work."

—Stephanie Mayo

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Here’s What You’ll Discover
Live Online Trust Your Senses Experience

Your Noticing


You’ll find out how the Universe really “works” in relationship to your life, and you’ll begin to see a very different reality than the one you see now. You’ll discover how to lightly focus your attention to see what the Universe is really offering you in every moment that you live.

Your life as it is now is in many ways is like walking around in a one dimensional world. We have been taught to focus on "thinking" - not that I am throwing the baby out with the bath water, but, we have imagined that we think with our brain and in our head with words. But what if we "think" with more than words with our head. What if we "think" though our multiple senses and if we turn the dial slightly we open up to whole new territory, that has ever expanding possibilities. In this session, I’ll show you how to find the master light switch and turn it on, flooding the house with light. Then you’ll begin to see the true reality of what’s right under your nose and all around you.

You will firmly establish the foundation for re-awakening your latent senses in the weeks ahead.



You will sense a partnership with the Universe itself—that you are in the Universe and the Universe is in you. We have "thought" we had5 senses, but, what if we have 12 senses, what if our senses are like primary colours and there are unlimited number of tones and shades of senses just as there are colours.

This is what I have discovered. We have primary senses and unlimited senses with hues and tones.

Thinking with words is only sense.

Just imagine what will open for you when you tap into your multiple intelligences through your unlimited senses.

When you begin to lightly shift your attention to sensing viscerally in your body, you’ll feel suddenly more at home in your own skin. When you sense where in your life where you’ve felt stuck and where that is inhabiting your body, you will be able to engage with that energy, open up and allow life to flow through you. Whether it’s trying to start a new business, or focus more time on your art, or find the right partner the power of your activated senses will be generating a new reality with you.

Once you discover how to sense what your body is responding to you will be able to sense the difference between what is happening now and whether you are remembering an event in the past. When you walk into a room full of people, they will feel drawn to you, as you are more present and not projecting the past onto the present.



You’ll discover how informing, and exforming are as natural as breathing in and breathing out. Only no-one has suggested you exform, or perhaps you have been told "to let go" and you have no idea how. I will share with you many ways to exform on a daily basis and you will feel refreshed, ready to learn and discover the new when you exform daily.

You will be able to give yourself permission to honor all feelings whether that be anger, sadness, grief or happiness, joy, laughter. When we learn to exform we learn how express ourselves, safely, creatively and authentically. Exforming gives us the space to form new connections and for our creativity to emerge



You will realize just how not alone you truly are, which is wonderful, because so much of what you’ll want to accomplish requires partnership and teamwork.

You'll learn to turn those inner voices that you have been trying to silence into an inner crew who are all on your team. Having an inner team and finding a team of people to support you in life will make you sense you are supported. You have someone to lean on when you need to and you too will be a support for others.

You will have the opportunity partner with a learning buddy. You may want an anger buddy, a joy buddy, a play buddy - whatever you find you need at this time, you will find one in this community. You will be shown how you can quickly develop deep and trusted relationships with others that will enrich the relationships with the people in your life and enable you to find people to co-create with in the future.

You will learn to deepen a sense a connection with nature and animals. We have been living as if much of the world that is animate is inanimate. When we re-connect to nature we are nourished and rejuvenated and find an alternative wisdom present.



You will discover how what gives you energy and what takes your energy away. You will find out how not to be contaminated by toxic energy that may be around you, how to shift energy and how to access your boundless energy when you are choosing what brings to you life.

Deb will show you how to develop abilities that will truly energize your body and mind. In our fast-paced modern world, life can sometimes take everything out of you, and you’re left feeling spent with nothing more to give. But it’s possible to tap into a deep reservoir of energy that is provided by the Cosmos that will refresh you, and light you up again, no matter how drained you were before.

This power will also allow you to experience increased bursts of inspiration and creativity so you can accomplish more at optimum energy levels and no longer experience the diminishing returns that happen as your energy lags over time.

You’ll also develop profound techniques, allowing you to more clearly “feel” into issues that arise in your body. You will learn how to read an inner language that is communicating what you need for your well being. Just imagine what could be possible if you had this power at the ready in your daily life.



Deb will show you how to develop abilities that will truly energize your body and mind. In our fast-paced modern world, life can sometimes take everything out of you, and you’re left feeling spent with nothing more to give. But it’s possible to tap into a deep reservoir of energy that is provided by an attitude of play, curiosity, and adventure that will refresh you, and light you up again, no matter how drained you were before.

This power will also allow you to experience increased bursts of inspiration and creativity so you can accomplish more at optimum energy levels and no longer experience the diminishing returns that happen as your energy lags over time.

You’ll also develop profound techniques that allow you to more clearly “feel” into issues that arise in your body and intuitively know how best to approach them. Many of Deb’s students have reported being able to dramatically quicken their healing process by using these techniques. Just imagine what could be possible if you had this power at the ready in your daily life.



We will pay attention to how we move, or don't move, and what we can learn through sensing the innate wisdom of movement of our body. We will play with noticing what arises when we move in different ways. We will sense what our body is telling us and work with our body as a guide to make powerful choices. You will already be sensing new dimensions of freedom, and creativity in your life and new possibilities will be opening up at that surprise and delight.

Your Whole Self



The Trust Your Senses Experience is about creating the next steps on your journey, of going with a natural flow and rhythm in your life. integrating your newly acquired Sensory, Intuitive & Imaginary Capacities into every aspect of your life, allowing them to manifest your potential.

When you look back at the person you were before you started this journey, you will be so amazed at how held back by limitations you were that you may hardly recognize yourself. You will have the capacity to make a much larger difference in your own life and in the lives of others, and in the world, than you ever thought possible, and your life will truly begin to take on a mythic quality, as your actions will become both elegant and adventurous in ways both subtle and profound.

Deb will open the gates send you off into the world as a deeply conscious co-creator with the Universe—a transformed human being infused with your higher potential. On the everyday, practical level, things will flow so much more smoothly in your life. You will know how to expand time, attract the people and resources you need, and you will be able to learn new skills faster, gain more energy, and so much more. This is where you will truly begin to shine and be on your way to becoming a truly magnificent human!

Join Deb Lange for this Truly Unique and Authentic Experience

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Here’s What You’ll Experience:

Six X 90 minute Workshop Sessions

Includes guidance to practise an exercise 30 minutes
with Deb Lange

Each session we will explore a new vista of possibility, as Deb supports you in making the next step in the process of trusting your senses.

Wednesday evenings at 5:00pm Pacific Time Thursday 10.00 am Eastern Australia TIme

Rolling enrolment.

You will have unlimited access to all of the experiential sessions including the audios (listen online or download the mp3 file to your iPod or audio player).

  • Subscribe to the Free Trial for a Taster. Live sensory sessions. Subscribers will be notified of log in details, and times. Special bonuses for those on live call.

Includes LIVE Group Coaching Sessions 30 minutes
with Deb Lange

Sense an Inner Compass

Ready for your journey?

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Register Pack Your Bag

You’ll have the opportunity to interact with Deb around the questions that you and your fellow students have about the exercises and what you discover. The live sessions will be live interactions, not slides. You will download the zoom application for free and we will have online workshops where we can see each other, ask questions, and much more. You will be able to send in questions before hand.

You will be able to send in a request for live coaching in the live group sessions. You may be selected. The community will learn from the live coaching sessions.

You will be able to have paired conversations live with other members of the community these live sessions are one of the best parts of Deb’s courses! Your partners will become buddies. Buddies to play with and learn and support each other.

LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Deb are on Thursday's at 10.00am Australia Eastern Standard Time, Wednesday's at 5.00pm Pacific Time, Each call is 90 minutes: 30 minutes exercise; 30 minutes live coaching & Q and A; 30 minutes paired conversations with the community. The calendar is as follows:

Sessions are held on Wednesday at 5:00pm Pacific Time, Thursday 10.00 am Eastern Australia TIm.

Rolling enrolment.

Inquire at about special small groups of 12 over 12 weeks with a start date and end date or start anytime.

As the weeks unfold, you will have unlimited access to all of the experiential sessions including the audios (listen online or download the mp3 file to your iPod or audio player).

  • Subscribe to the free trial for taster live sensory sessions. Dates TBA when you subscribe. Special bonus for those on the live call.

You will be able to listen to the recordings of these valuable Group Coaching Sessions if you are unable to attend the sessions live. It is a great way to tune into the collective intelligence of the "Trust Your Senses" community.

LIVE Interactive Sessions with Your Learning Community


At the end of each LIVE Group Coaching call with Deb you can join a live 30-minute interactive session where we will break you out into small groups or pairs to share and learn from others. You’ll have the opportunity to interact live with other members of your learning community as you dive deeper into the playful and practical approach to discover how to trust your senses as you apply the practical exercises in daily life.

Audios of Each Workshop Session

Audios are a great resource to go back and listen again. The power of your learning will be integrated even more deeply as you choose to listen to the videos in the resource library that suit your needs.

Practice and Reflection Exercises


Practice and Reflection exercises are a great way for you to start to embody the lessons of the course in your everyday life. You are invited to create a Senses Journal. This can be drawings, a collage, stories, re-creating space in your home, office or garden, or notes. You will be encouraged to sense what you are doing in images as well as words, and to run it through different states of consciousness, drop it into your body, meditations, and play with different roles.

Access to Your Private Online Community

You’ll be able to engage live with other people who will support you in the transformative process of awakening and discovering latent talents through your senses, and integrate thinking with sensing. As you go through the workshops you will be able to join with new friends online to share your successes and insights, and watch as they open themselves up alongside you. Through this collective engagement, you will experience the exciting connection that comes through doing deep supportive change in a community.

Trust Your Senses Experience
for a Fraction of the Cost

One of the best parts about this unique program with Deb is that you don’t have to travel!

Think about it… To travel to a live, in-person event with Deb would cost you hundreds (thousands if you’re international). And then you’d have to pay more for accomodation. All this on top of the cost of the program—and to work with Deb privately or in small workshops would cost even more.

So you’re already saving well over a thousand dollars with this special opportunity to work with Deb directly.

In addition to that, if you consider the years of counselling or coaching many people go through to make serious spiritual and psychological progress in their lives, that can cost upwards of several thousand dollars year after year.

But when you register for Deb’s Trust Your Senses - A Visceral Expe

  • Guided Experiential Sessions to practise exercises 30 minutes
  • Live Group Coaching Sessions 30 minutes
  • Interactive Sessions with a buddy 30 minutes
  • Audios of each Guided Session
  • Guided Practice and Reflection Exercises for each Course Session
  • BONUS DIY 12 Modules of Trust Your Senses videos, audios and exercises for 3 month access
  • BONUS PDF of book, Trust Your Senses - Embodied Wisdom for the Modern Age and a Guide Map PDF for your Trust Your Senses journey.
  • RECORDINGS & Exercises OF Bonus FREE Sessions

And thanks to the wonders of online learning, the ability to work with Deb right from the comfort of your own home, for as little as one payment of…


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BONUS Live Sessions plus– Trust Your Senses DIY 12 Module Library of Resources for 3 Months

Choose your own journey. Choose the modules that you want, in any order that you want - all available with immediate access

(Valued at US$997)

BONUS Trust Your Senses - Embodied Wisdom for the Modern Age Book

A PDF of the book

A PDF of The Trust Your Senses Map

A PDF of the Create Your Own Trust Your Senses Map

(Valued at US$47)


This is an incredibly rare chance to be mentored by one of the greatest facilitators, mentor and coach, nurturer and warrior. Called "The Queen of the Senses", by Dr Ali Anani, Director of Phenomena Communications. Suitcase entrepreneur for 25 years. Worked as a professional in hours to suit the priority of caring for children, family & parents to die at home. Took sabbaticals to learn from young and old, the ancient and the new. Learnt hard lessons to come back to my SENSES.

For the FIRST TIME EVER, Deb is going to be sharing high-level experiences live online.

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*Special Free Live Sessions**

  • Meet face-to-face with Deb via video
  • Connect directly with Deb and other participants in the Trust Your Senses community
  • Be led by Deb through a special exercise, designed to initiate your Journey

Pop Up Guests - Pop Up Bonuses - Pop Up GuideBooks

Throughout the program we will have pop up guests

*This exclusive series is about to be offered on sale for $497 but yours for US$397 when you register today for our Live Online Experiences..

Just to summarise, the total value of all of the elements of the LIVE ONLINE EXPERIENCE, workshop program and exclusive bonuses.

  • Workshop Live ONLINE EXPERIENCES “Trust Your Senses” with Deb Lange (Valued at $4,000)
  • LIVE Group Coaching & Mentoring Calls with with Deb Lange and your course community (Valued at $2,000)
  • 30-Minute LIVE Small Group Interactive Sessions (Valued at $500)
  • Audios of live sessions (Valued at $500)
  • Practice & Reflection Questions (Valued at $800)
  • Access to a private, online global community (priceless!)
  • BONUS Embody Your Vision (Valued at $200)
  • BONUS 3 Month access to the 12 Module Trust Your Senses Library of Resources (Valued at $997)
  • BONUS pdf of book, Trust Your Senses - embodied Wisdom for the Modern Age and maps (valued at $47)
  • Bonus Guest VIP POP UPS

TOTAL Value over $5,000

Regular Price $497

Today you can Access the Trust Your Senses Experience for 3 months
for just a fraction of the price. Register Now for just:


With our Satisfaction Guarantee, you can try the course out for 14 days risk-free.

Join A New Global Community to Access the Tools, Make Discoveries & Have the Support You Need to Awaken Your Latent Senses, Create Your Life with Ease and Freedom, And Make the Difference In The World


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Visit our FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.
If you have any additional questions, please email us at and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Terms and Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online course?

This is a live online course PLUS this special offer includes a 3 month access to a 12 module library of resources to do at your own time. An online course enables you the to determine your best time to do the exploration. Whether your best times are mornings or evenings, you’ll be able to listen to the recorded sessions with Deb Lange at your convenience. You can take advantage of live Sessions with Deb for experiencing exercises, live Q and A, live paired buddy chats with the community. The Group Coaching sessions will be live, scheduled for every week of the course (with recordings posted afterwards). Between sessions, participants are invited to post reflections on our special Online Community Group and to interact with other participants.

Participants will be invited to form "learning buddies" to support each other in your adventure.

Do I need any special equipment?

The only equipment you’ll need is a computer with an internet connection and a phone or SKYPE line to participate in the interactive sessions.You will need to download the free application for participating live each week. A Facebook account for the closed community conversations.

What if I miss a Course Session or Live Group Coaching Call?

There will be recorded audios available for you to download from the Online Learning Portal after every session. Many people who take the course are unable to attend all the sessions live, and they report that their experience is just as powerful. You may also post questions in advance for to answer on the Live Group Coaching calls. You’ll feel very much a part of our community and enjoy the camaraderie of sharing the journey with other participants.

About Deb Lange

Deb Lange is a world-renowned Mentor, facilitator and researcher in human capacities. She is a visionary thinker and doer of implementing embodied wisdom practices within organisations for human workplaces and for individuals .

Deb has worked in different cultures and many countries, helping leaders and guiding educational institutions, business organizations, and individual people to embrace their whole selves and deepen their own uniqueness.

She has published, Trust Your Senses - Embodied Wisdom for the Modern Age and is a co-author of 4 books, including, Success By Choice, Thorns to be Thankful For, Action Learning Processes for Management Development, SkillShare, and Sustainability.

What People Say About Deb Lange

“Deb Lange plays midwife to the next phase of expanding our potential through integrating thinking with our multiple senses & nature. Working with Deb is like having every cell in your body wake up. I learnt so much from her.”
— Vanessa Bradshaw

“Deb Lange is a mighty guide at the very frontier of our evolution, awakening the creative potential of us as individuals, as society, and really as pioneers at the very frontier of Life itself.”

“Deb brings new insights into how to tune into our phsyicality like learning a new inner language to guide us. When we lean into our senses we develop a renewed appreciation of ourselves and our "joie de livre." I recommend Deb's work as she does not tell you the answers herself she helps you discover your answers yourself.”
—Miha Pognacik, Global Visionary, Speaker and Violinist

“Deb designs and facilitating engaging activities that involve partciptants whollly. At such work, I regard her as one of the most skilled practitioners I know. In addition I have found her a person of great integrity. This shows through in the work she does.”

—Bob Dick Ph.D. Independent Scholar and Retired Professor

“It takes all human senses, intuition, feelings and logic to work together to identify the obstacles that slow us down, accepting them and transcending past limitations by acquiring new skills. This is where Deb excels. She works with human nature in a simple, yet profound, natural and apliccable approcah to grow in harmony with our environment and ourselves."
—Ali Anani PhD.. Director of Phenomena Communications

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Celebrate and honor re-claiming the feminine and masculine in both women and men. A new era where we can celebrate and embrace our whole bodied senses, intuition and inter-connection with nature.

Join a New Global Community to Access the Tools, & Support You Need to Access the Powers of Your Senses, Trust Yourself, Co-create Trust with Others & Live a Life of Fulfilment, Ease & Grace.


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Visit our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions.
If you have any additional questions, please email us at and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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Copyright © 2017 Deb Lange

Deb Lange
Deb Lange
Mentor and Guide

Deb Lange is an Author, Mentor, Facilitator, named “The Mother of the Senses”. Through her Fine Art of Facilitation practices over 35 years experience, she enables people to discover new knowledge through their embodied experience. Enabling them to create their lives with newfound grace, freedom & creativity.

From corporate corridors to the red earth of the outback, buddhist monastery’s to African fire ceremonies, Deb has learned from and lead with some of the world’s most innovative minds.

Deb has designed, opened, facilitated workshops at conferences, in house & online to generate high engagement.

In the Corporate world she has facilitated executive retreats, leadership development programs, face to face feedback programs, and coached both teams and individuals on the job.

Deb has an M.Ap.Sc (Hons) in Social Ecology, Degrees in Business and Education, Certificates in Social Artistry, Equine Facilitation and much more. She is also a certified InterPlay facilitator and wherever possible applies InterPlay practices and philosophy in her designs. InterPlay works with the social system and story to help people feel safe to experiment, express, connect and work together creatively.

Examples of her work, Trust Your Senses, The Power of Play, Leadership and Followship, Feedback Flow, can all be implemented for speaking engagements, workshops, Mentoring Programs, online & for an individual's integrated learning journey depending on your needs.

ng and intuiting information and new ways of positioning your expertise.

Deb's work is unique as it is designed with embodied, experiential processes that are playful, insightful and bring people to life.

She travels anywhere in the world.

Let's talk. Contact her on to talk about specific needs.

To your wisdom


Deb Lange

Course Curriculum

Free Sensory Experience on Zoom Live with Deb
Let's Get Visceral FREE PREVIEW
A Trust Your Senses Map FREE PREVIEW
Embody Your Vision FREE PREVIEW
Conversations with Readers - Releasing Anger FREE PREVIEW
Movement is a Sense - Learn Through Sensing How Your Body Moves FREE PREVIEW
The Opportunity 3 FREE PREVIEW
Are you ready? FREE PREVIEW
Embody Your Vision Mp3
Embody Your Vision
1 Noticing - expand your perception, hold multiple perspectives, open to other dimensions
Live Masterclass, Guided Exercises, Q and A, Live Partner Conversations, Community
Notice How You Think FREE PREVIEW
3 Core Perspectives: In Your Body, In Their Shoes, A Fly on the Wall FREE PREVIEW
2 Sensing: Integrate sensing & thinking to awaken to the rich tapestry of life.
Live Masterclass, Guided Exercises, Q and A, Live Partner Conversations, Community
Sensing Your Language FREE PREVIEW
3: Exforming - Your Feelings: Are you overwhelmed by your feelings? Have you blocked out what you feel? Both of these limit your freedom and success. Learn to read the messages from your feelings, give yourself what you need & be more resilient
Live Masterclass, Guided Exercises, Q and A, Live Partner Conversations, Community
Body Scan Your Issue FREE PREVIEW
Learning to Check In FREE PREVIEW
5: The Secret to Accessing Your Creativity
Live Masterclass, Guided Exercises, Q and A, Partner Conversations, Community
6: How to find what gives you boundless energy and what takes it away.
Live Masterclass, Guided Exercises, Q and A, Live Partner Conversations, Community
7: Let Your Body Move
Live Masterclass, Guided Exercises, Q and A, Live Partner Conversations, Community
8 Integrating thinking, sensing, imagining, exforming, playing to create ease, freedom & fulfilment like you never imagining possible
Live Masterclass, Guided Exercises, Q and A, Live Partner Conversations, Community
Bonuses, Additional Recordings, Pop Up Guests and much more
Q and A
Your Imagination FREE PREVIEW
Bonus: Be Heard and Be Empathic
Loving Actions FREE PREVIEW
Resource Library
Over 100 videos, audios, ebooks in the resource library - yours for 6 months